About the webcomic:

RankAmateur is a sci-fi webcomic written and drawn by RedDwarfIV. It follows Haiko Space Division Mission Controller Renaza Talinar, who has recently been given command of a military spacecraft, the HSDPS Kizantikiran. Soon after launch, the spacecraft suffers catastrophic damage, leaving it practially crippled light years from spacedock. A human-built shuttle comes to their aid, apparently carrying their salvation - an engineer called Professor Hannah Teal. However, Teal is very important to Earth Authority, and the Kizantikiran's crew - once Teal finishes assisting repairs - is given a new mission by HSD liason Lt. General Cowan to protect her.

The story is set in 2650 onward, and is fairly hard sci-fi aside from anything coming under the umbrella of FTL mechanics. [This includes warp, dimensional physics, and reality hurricanes.]


About the author:

RedDwarfIV is a British engineering student whose art is almost entirely self-taught, and whose writing skills are based on an English Literature GCSE [B grade] and several years experience of online text roleplays.