Ground Control
by RedDwarfIV

Hey, RedDwarfIV here.

Ok, still in the process of building up that buffer. Two weeks in, and here's a list of what i've done.

Chapter cover, Intro page, Sketch 1, Sketch 2, Sketch 3, Sketch 4, Sketch 5, Sketch 6 [in progress], some character design drawings for Felix, and a heck of a lot of work on the storyline.

Series 1, as its called, will be made up of ten chapters [New Mission to Endgame], with each chapter having a cover, an introduction courtesy of Dark Felix, and twenty sketches. Jokes and storyline sketches are mixed, and the number of each will vary between chapters, depending on what funny things I can take on board for inspiration, and how fast I want to make the plot go.

I plan to release sketches on Mondays and Fridays as a semi-weekly. This is may be my first web-comic, but I'm determined not to go on hiatus, since when I lose motivation I tend to lose it for some time. If I do have to, well, I'll still be working on art as much as possible, and my buffer of twenty sketches should easily cover any holidays without paper to nick from my printer.

So far as I can tell, Series 1 will cover this site for two years. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine told me 'I give you a year'. Seriously, I think this can work.



Ground Control
by RedDwarfIV

Hey there, RedDwarfIV here.

I would like to start off by telling a little about myself. I am 16, in Secondary School, and going through my GCSEs. Truth be told, now may not have been the best time to start a web-comic. Nevertheless, I'm excited by the idea, and I'm putting a lot of work into it. I enjoy science-fiction, like movies and TV shows, and I enjoy picking holes in unrealistic plots or storylines. Of course, I fully expect people to come away from my site thinking 'well, that couldn't happen.', when they see some of the things I'm going to put in the comic. For instance, one of my characters is going to have used a teleporter system called a Matter Transport, which I wholeheartedly agree is a silly concept - aside from the matter of transferring someone's information, and what can happen if that goes wrong, I have a big concern with being atomised, copied, and being pasted somewhere else. I wouldn't use a teleport even if they did exist - which is a view one of my main characters will share.

RankAmateur is a big step for me, considering that it likely won't get a high readership any time soon, and neither is is helping me beyond my improving artwork. I'm not going to let that stop me. Far be it from me to tell myself what's a stupid thing to do when it could get good, so I'm going ahead with this. With two sketches already done, and the storyline for the entire first chapter in my head - not forgetting the humour which, despite being the really hard part for me, I think I've managed to pull off successfully so far.

I will of course have to deal with the buisness of 'looks like you did that on Paint', but Paint.NET is the only means I have to colour my work with. Whether or not my handdrawn work looks better or not, I think it has to have colour. Also, given my parents' scanner makes everything look pink and blocky, even taking pictures of my work with my 8.1 megapixel camera looks better. So, I'm making do with the materials I have. I'm currently building a buffer of work - the first chapter. Sorry if you see this site before anything goes up, its sad, but I wouldn't mind if you bookmarked before leaving for greener pastures.