IN THE EVENT that this webcomic ends up on the Bad Webcomics Wiki, I'd like to stress to any readers I may have to remain calm about it.

Reviewers are not trolls - they aim to produce a positive reaction in the target, not a negative one. However, handling procedures for them are the same - do not attempt to mock them. In both scenarios it will end badly, as their wall of angry reactions shows.

I'm new to webcomics. RankAmateur is my first attempt at one. This is my second attempt at RankAmateur, because although I had a buffer of 20 strips ready for release... they were awful. The art was bad, the dialogue was cringe-inducing and the sorry attempt at a gag-a-strip format really didn't work. Whilst I'm pretty sure I've got my setting down, and my art has improved, I still don't know whether I can pull off characters, plot and themes successfully. Oh English Literature GCSE, and copious amounts of forum roleplaying experience, show me the way.

The point is, a review of the webcomic should not be something to be angry at. If I don't live up to that statement, please remind me of it, cause I have a bad memory. Hopefully, I could get construction to go with the criticism, in order to make RankAmateur a better read for a wider audience.